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Duffield Yachts is a division of Duffield Marine, Inc., which started in 1970.  Owner and founder Marshall "Duffy" Duffield has been involved with a widely diverse number of boat designs, including fast class racing boats, offshore racing sailboats and the world's most successful electric powered boats, to name a few.

He now embarks on a passion developed during a childhood spent growing up on sport fishing boats his father owned.  Over the last 20 years Duffy has operated his 56' 1965 Bertam, completely restoring her from the bottom up.  She turns heads today, even 48 years after her launching.  The Duffield 58 is the improved 2017 version of the Following Sea that Duffy has thousands of hours at sea on.

Duffy's Father piloting his 1965 56'  Bertram "Following Sea" in 1968

Duffy has been building boats in California for 48 years and is so excited to be able to bring this new, beautiful, creative design to life with his quality American work force at the Duffield manufacturing facility, while using only the finest quality materials.   

The finest handcrafted wood workers, metal fabricators, composite laminators, electrical assemblers, mechanical, tooling and upholstery experts and first-rate engineers are involved in all phases of the yacht's construction.  The Duffield 58 will dazzle the boating industry with the best of American quality.

Duffy's vision is of a simple, luxurious interior that is also supremely functional and logical.  360 degree one level-living is a wonderful change from other yachts on the market today.  Minimal climbing and maximum visibility will allow you to experience the voyage at sea with all aboard at the same time. Everyone will be "in the party" from the swim step to the helm station.


Moderate handcrafted wood work will enhance and bring a feeling of warmth yet not overburden and darken the space.  Rich countertops and carefully constructed cabinetry minimizes weight without compromising the feel of a luxury yacht.


The Duffield 58 uses every technology available to minimize noise and vibration.  (The Duffy electric boat has long been the quietest pleasure boat in the world).  


Minimal energy consumption has factored into every aspect of this environmentally friendly yacht.


Easy access to all mechanical hardware is paramount for servicing along with detailed owner's manuals with descriptive drawings and images to answer any questions. 

Our goal is to always make the passage in the Duffield 58 as enjoyable as the destination. 


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